Strong families: Beyond surviving to thriving

At Casey Family Programs, our direct practice work with youth and families centers on the recognition that all youth need connections and a family to call their own — and that families know their own challenges and needs. These beliefs have guided us since we first started this work 50 years ago.

The American child welfare system has long been rooted in a perspective that, to keep vulnerable children safe, we must separate children from their families. Efforts to address abuse and neglect therefore take place after a child has been harmed — a “save the child” model that is aimed at preventing further harm. Multiple signs suggest this strategy has not been effective.

Casey Family Programs believes that, to create a better tomorrow, our nation must move beyond a “child rescue” mentality and consider how supportive communities can strengthen families, and how stronger families can help all children thrive.

To learn more about the promising approaches being developed today to keep children safe, strengthen families and help communities become more supportive, read our 2016 signature report, Investing in Hope.

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