Cracking the Title IV-E waiver code: Dr. William C. Bell is interviewed on the “Crack the Code” radio show

Rhonda Sciortino, host of the weekly talk radio program, “Crack the Code: Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through,” interviewed Dr. William C. Bell in June about the early experiences that led him to a lifelong vocation of helping young people and families, and about his work at Casey Family Programs.

Bell described Casey Family Programs’ 2020 Strategy, drawing attention to Title IV-E waivers, finance reform, and safe reduction. He pointed to the safe reduction of the number of children in foster care – from 500,000 to 400,000 in six years – as evidence that reforms in the child welfare system are working.

Bell also talked about how Communities of Hope builds on the 2020 Strategy to ensure that all children, including those returned to their homes after foster care, grow up in communities that are safe, healthy and supportive.

“We have seen huge turnarounds in how child welfare systems are run,” said Bell. “We now have to influence a change at the community level.”

The interview aired June 10 on AM 590 in southern California’s Riverside-San Bernardino area.