Evaluation of Los Angeles DCFS Emergency Response Coaching

This report describes findings from the web-based survey that was administered to LA County Emergency Response DCFS staff and supervisors (756 of 2,404 people possible; 31 percent response rate) to address the following question: How does the pilot coaching program influence staff and supervisors’ job satisfaction, attitudes, and behaviors? The LA Emergency Response Coaching Program was introduced in four cohorts of four to five offices each, between late 2010 through 2011.

For all staff, training was positively associated with office team culture and performance recognition. The evaluation findings also varied by staff position — with Children’s Social Workers who attended the training ranking supervision and the quality of coaching relationships higher than those who did not attend. However, Supervising Children’s Social Workers who participated in more training rated their own supervisors lower on facilitating development. No significant differences were found for the small number of Assistant Regional Administrators who participated in the training.

Overall, the results of this pilot coaching program are preliminary but look promising. If high-quality and effective coaching improves job satisfaction and other aspects of work conditions, staff may be better equipped to address the needs of the families that are served in Los Angeles County.


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