Investing in Hope: Signature Report 2016

Casey Family Programs’ 2016 signature report marks our foundation’s 50th anniversary and reflects on the continuing urgent need for a collective effort to safely reduce the need for foster care and build Communities of Hope for every child in America.

We believe that, to create a better tomorrow, our nation must move beyond a “child rescue” mentality and see that the safety of our children is directly related to the strength of their families and the conditions of the communities in which they live.

Consider these troubling facts: Each year more than 6 million children are involved in reports of suspected abuse and neglect. About 259,500 children enter foster care. And at least 1,500 children die from maltreatment, often at the hands of their caregivers.

In other words, 24 hours from now, another 18,000 children will be involved in reports of suspected maltreatment, and 711 more children will enter foster care because of abuse and neglect. Another four children will be dead due to maltreatment.

This new report explores the promising approaches being developed today to keep children safe, make families strong and help communities become more supportive. This report also includes a look at a model that uses real-time data to protect the most at-risk children.

It also describes how families are improving their life outcomes through the support of their communities and how new interventions are integrating the science of how abuse and neglect affect young minds and bodies.

This report is grounded in the belief that all of us — public, nonprofit, business, philanthropic and community sectors — can and must work together to create supportive communities that help families thrive.

Everyone has a role to play in hope. What will yours be? Download the report to learn more. Then share your ideas with us via email or on our Facebook page.

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Signature Report