Casey Family Programs statement on Philadelphia’s launch of Office of Children and Families

Casey Family Programs applauds the City of Philadelphia for launching the Office of Children and Families today. Integrating and aligning city services and supports in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia creates the kind of strong network that should help more children and their families to thrive. In our experience, this kind of approach is a critical step in improving outcomes for families by strengthening systems that prevent abuse and neglect and better ensure child safety.

“The city’s approach clearly reflects our shared belief that every child and family can thrive with the support of a caring community,” said David Sanders, executive vice president for systems improvement at Casey Family Programs. “We call this Building Communities of Hope and Philadelphia is on the forefront of creating an integrated and effective approach to ensuring the safety and success of children and their families.”

Founded in 1966, Casey Family Programs is the nation’s largest operating foundation focused on safely reducing the need for foster care and Building Communities of Hope.