Video: Equity as the soul of collective impact

When we as a society talk about fairness and justice in how people are treated, hoping to achieve lasting change, we need to ask the question: What are we really willing to confront?

That was one of the questions posed by Casey Family Programs President and CEO Dr. William C. Bell during a panel discussion titled “Equity as the Soul of Collective Impact: Implications for Funders.”

“The question is, are we willing to confront the challenges and problems created by society?” Dr. Bell said. “If we created it together, then we’re going to have to confront it together. Not in opposition to each other.”

The June 7 panel discussion was part of the Collective Impact Convening, a gathering attended by about 300 funders from private and community foundations, public agencies and corporate foundations to discuss effective cross-sector partnerships.

Joining Dr. Bell in the discussion were Michael McAfee, vice president for programs, PolicyLink; Luz Vega-Marquis, president and CEO, Marguerite Casey Foundation; and the Rev. Starsky Wilson, president and CEO, Deaconess Foundation.


Equity as the soul of collective impact
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RUNTIME: 01:40:28