Research from the field

The issues affecting children and families are complex, and sound research is needed to build an understanding of what works to strengthen families and keep children safe. The Research from the field series provides brief summaries of seminal, thought-provoking research studies or syntheses. The summaries are intended to inspire new ways of thinking and promote transformative approaches to supporting child and family well-being. They cover a broad range of topics. Each summary highlights findings from a single research study or synthesis, identifies additional resources to further explore the topic, and offers considerations for application within the context of transformation toward a 21st Century child and family well-being system.


Full length portrait of a young girl using her tablet while lying on a sofa at home

Do reporting professionals overexpose marginalized families to more surveillance due to the dual nature of child welfare services?


Portrait of a happy mother and daughter playing together in their backyard

Is alternative response equitably provided to families of color with low-income status?


Portrait of happy boy standing with father at basketball court. Mid adult man and child are smiling in backyard. They are in casuals during weekend.

Does a state’s social policy regime impact involvement with child welfare?


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